Are you seeking to enhance your recovery routines after intense workouts, runs, or training sessions? At Balanced Motion Clinic, we offer cupping therapy as part of our diverse range of treatments designed to support your active lifestyle.

Addressing the Unique Recovery Needs of Each Individual
At Balanced Motion Clinic, we recognize that each sport and physical activity can leave different marks on the body. That’s why our cupping therapy sessions are customized to address your specific recovery needs, ensuring effective relief.
For individuals engaged in endurance sports like running or cycling, cupping can be particularly beneficial for easing muscle soreness and improving circulation in the legs. For those involved in strength training, it can help relieve the stress and tension accumulated in the back and shoulders.
Proactive, Tailored Cupping Sessions for Optimal Recovery
Our proactive approach involves not just treating symptoms but enhancing your body’s overall resilience and capability to recover. By understanding the physical toll of your activities, we tailor our cupping therapy to optimize recovery and performance.
The Scientific Perspective on Cupping Therapy
While the scientific evidence regarding cupping therapy is mixed, many find it beneficial as part of a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. At Balanced Motion Clinic, we integrate cupping with other therapies such as manual therapy, dry needling, and rehabilitation exercises, offering a comprehensive recovery plan that supports both the evidence and patient experiences.
See Our Cupping Therapy in Action
Watch our brief video demonstration showcasing the fire cupping technique. You’ll see how we carefully apply and then remove cups, focusing on areas that typically experience the most strain during physical activities.
Experience the Benefits of Cupping Therapy
Discover how cupping therapy at Balanced Motion Clinic can be integrated into your recovery plan to help you maintain peak performance and minimize downtime. Join us and allow your body to recover as intensely as you train. Curious about how this therapy fits into your health regimen? Drop us a comment below.

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